Our Services

What makes Mint Key incomparable?


No hidden costs, clear processes and expected results

No confusing words

we work with you on your project to deliver the best results without confusing you with jargon

NT logistics

we understand the Northern Territory and how the NT really works


open conversations and comfort you have the right person for the job

Business and Tender Writing

MintKey can help you thrive in your business writing projects, opening innovative support to build revenue. Suited to any size business or industry, MintKey create flawless tenders that have the winning edge.

Grant and Funding Support

If you’ve got an organisation growth idea, but don’t have the cash to fund it, MintKey know exactly where to look to find suitable assistance. We can provide management and technical assistance with your application.


We bring your business documents to life by integrating graphics and illustrations. These offer benefits that words alone cannot by clarifying and accentuating the information, communicating more effectively with your audience

Creative Projects

Creativity and innovation are our core strengths. That’s why we understand that business owners have amazing ideas for initiatives, new product launches or development projects but don’t always know where to start.